Bespoke Cold Room by Ardo Cold Rooms

Bespoke Cold Room for Country Pub

The Trooper is a country pub at the heart of Aldbury village, Hertfordshire. Having recently undergone extensive renovations, the owners wanted to offer a high quality dining experience. As part of this plan, a new kitchen cold room was required.

The Head Chef contacted Ardo Cold Rooms, requesting a site survey as the location identified for the positioning of the cold room was ‘unique’. The cold room would sit in an out-building and have a part sloping roof.

After measuring the space and gaining an understanding of how the client wanted to use the entire space, The Ardo Cold Rooms Team produced a conceptual design incorporating a bespoke sliding door, slimline evaporator and remote condenser.

conceptual cold room design

Having reviewed the proposal, the client was more than happy to proceed with the order.

The Ardo Cold Rooms Install Team took 3 days to turn the concept into reality. The Team worked incredibly diligently to ensure that the various component parts fitted seamlessly into the space thus maximising storage capacity.

Should you have a requirement for a cold room but are unsure of how to fit it into the location, please give one of our Team a call on 01179 646 497 or via our contact page.