Ardo Cold Rooms Install Floorless Cold Room for Cardiff Chinese Takeaway

Ardo Cold Rooms were contacted by Cardiff Chinese takeaway,  Man Po, looking for a walk-in cold room.  The client had found that the upright fridges they were currently using where struggling to keep up with the demand put on them and kept breaking down.

The client had identified an area that they believed could house a cold room. Following a conversation about how they wished to use the room, a quotation with cold room specification and drawings was produced. The client quickly called back to arrange a site survey. A few days later the area was inspected and it was found that the existing floor was of good enough construction that a floorless cold room could be supplied which saved the client even more money.

With the design finalised, the client opted for a Saturday morning installation (at no additional charge) as this was the quietest part of their week. The whole process from initial contact, through to installation took 12 days.

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