Ardo Group Dry Aging room with Dry Ager DX7000 premium production unit.

Dry Aging Room install for Smoked Salmon Company

Smokin’ Brothers, based in the Cotswolds, are a leading supplier of smoked salmon to both the UK and European markets. With their business expanding and diversifying they needed help to build a Dry Aging room.

Having been recommended to speak with Ardo Cold Rooms, a meeting was arranged and requirements discussed. Having explored the quantities of product and process flow, A Dry Aging Room was designed.


A 2370 x 3570 x 2200mm insulated room with a manual sliding door was specified. The Dry Aging capability came in the form of a ceiling-mounted Dry Ager DX 7000 premium production unit.

Ardo Cold Rooms Install Team delivered this project over 2 days.

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